The Concept
A blending of art and fashion to create "wearable art" pieces that celebrate the feminine form in all its shapes and sizes.

Inspired by the creative eccentricity of steapunk, the flamboyance of the Burlesque and the playfulness of fetish dressing, in Zahira's Boudoir designs, femininity and power are strongly entwined, designed for the women and men who seek to freely express their individuality, believe in the freedom of adopting a light hearted and playful attitude to sensuality, and enjoy relishing the pleasures of glamorous and creative dressing up.

On the other hand, from an ethic point of view, we feel strongly about encouraging the revival of the making crafts, and that the actual making of the articles we design should be preserved within the vicinity of where we currently live in order to maintain the opportunity for us and our fellow makers in this country to continue practicing our skills. And such opportunity will only grow alongside a renewed appreciation for the superior quality of bespoke and handmade articles. As opposed to when things are made many miles from the place they were conceived and designed in order to keep costs down, but most often at the expense of quality.