Zahira’s Boudoir’s Story

...Zahira, a painter and multimedia artist who has previously worked with many different materials, became increasingly fascinated with using leather to produce "wearable art" and apply her skills and experience to create designs that seek to express the feminine but powerful side of leatherwork and successfully blend the femininity of the boudoir with the authority of leather...

Zahira, has always been striving to create art objects with a purpose, and the idea of using the amazingly versatile medium of leather to create wearable art seemed the ultimate endeavour. "... to use dead skin and reviving it to a second life of beauty..." As Zahira describes it.

Founded in early 2007, “Zahira’s Boudoir” was born out of a close collaboration between Zahira and freelance photographer, designer and fellow musician, Idris De Angeli, who has also had previous experience of working with leather for several years as a belt maker.