Corset Belts / Waist Cinches

Waist definition to emphasize the female silhouette is a fundamental part of glamorous dressing up! An enhanced awareness of the waist area, through applied tightness has the effect of making us feel elegantly upright, standing powerful and moving with confident gracefulness.

One of Zahira’s Boudoir early creations. A re-make of the classic waist cinchers, with their ability to complement and enrich the most simple outfit proved to have a powerful appeal across many creative dressing styles such as fetish, burlesque and steampunk. Rapidly becoming established as an all round favourite, and a versatile alternative to conventional corsets, instantly comfortable and easy to wear. The corset look with the freedom of movement and breathing!

Our Corset Belts/Waist cinchers are hand crafted using the finest, naturally tanned heavy leather (3-3.5mm thick) combined with hard wearing, highly durable 6 inches(appx 155mm) wide elastic, in order to cinch the waist and produce a high degree of definition without the rigidity of traditional corsets.

The Leather: colours that we currently use are: Black – Patent black (shiny) – dark Brown – Red – Patent Burgundy. The belts can be made with all the leather components in the same colour, or a combination (E.g. black straps on red panels etc.). Please note that any leather colours other than black may vary slightly.

The Elastic: available colours are Black or dark brown.

The Fittings: The metal fittings (buckles and rivets) are available in chrome or brass finish. The basic ‘buckle belts’ designs (Two and three buckles belts), include metal buckle and loop. Additional extras: - Metal eyelets in the straps’ holes - Metal tips at the ends of the straps.

All corset belts can be made to fit any size. All we need to know, on ordering, is your waist measurement.

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