Full Leather Corsets

These full leather corsets are individually hand crafted from the highest quality vegetable tanned heavy leather hides (3 - 3.5mm thick) - The look and feel of this quality of leather keeps improving with time, and with use it will further mould to your body shape - its the kind of leather that will last a lifetime!

The construction of this first series of designs - exclusive to Zahira's Boudoir - consists of 10 leather panels that form the corset which are entirely hand stitched. The panels are differently shaped in such a way as to create an almost spiral pattern for a most effective waist definition and a perfect fit.
Through varying the panels' width and curvature this special design can be made to flawlessly fit any body size and shape for both women or men.
A technically complex pattern that gives a look of sensual and beautifully elegant simplicity.

Made to measure to fit any size and body shape and also the width or height can be varied to best fit your stature so you can decide where you want the corset to start and end.
Any of these corsets can also be made in patent black, dark brown and red leather with the metal fittings either in chrome or antique brass finish.